Passion 8x8

Passion 8x8 Acrylic/ Mixed Media/Resin 8"x8" $150

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Vibrant Dream (You can request to put your favorite quote at the bottom if desired) Acrylic 11x14 $400

Ocean Blue11x14

Ocean Blue 11x14 Acrylic 11x14 $500

6x6 III LR

6x6 III Acrylic $60


Excitement Acrylic/ Mixed Media 11x14 $450

Purple Elegance

Purple Elegance Acrylic 12x12 $200

Passion 8x8

Passion Acrylic/ Mixed Media 8x8 $120

Divided LR

Divided Acrylic 12x12 $400

6x6 LR

6x6 Acrylic $100

Flower Garden

Garden Flowers Acrylic 11x14 $300

6x6 VI LR

6x6 II Acrylic $60

6x6 IV resin LR

6x6 IV Acrylic with Resin finish $100

6x6 I LR

8x8 Acrylic $120

6x6 V LR

6x6 V Acrylic $100

6x6 IV LR

8x8 II Acrylic $120

8x8 I LR

8x8 III Acrylic 8x8 $120