Passion 8x8

Passion 8x8 Acrylic/ Mixed Media/Resin 8"x8"

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Vibrant Dream (You can request to put your favorite quote at the bottom if desired) Acrylic 11x14

Ocean Blue11x14

Ocean Blue 11x14 Acrylic 11x14

6x6 III LR

6x6 III SOLD Acrylic Giclee available


Excitement Acrylic/ Mixed Media 11x14

Purple Elegance

Purple Elegance Acrylic 12x12

Passion 8x8

Passion Acrylic/ Mixed Media 8x8

Divided LR

Divided Acrylic 12x12

6x6 LR

6x6 Acrylic

Flower Garden

Garden Flowers Acrylic 11x14

6x6 VI LR

6x6 II Acrylic

6x6 IV resin LR

6x6 IV Acrylic with Resin finish

6x6 I LR

8x8 Acrylic

6x6 V LR

6x6 V Acrylic

6x6 IV LR

8x8 II Acrylic

8x8 I LR

8x8 III Acrylic 8x8