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The Cellist

The Cellist Acrylic 24x36 $2000 original

The Pianist

The Pianist Acrylic/ Mixed Media 16x20 $700 original

For Music Lovers

For Music Lovers 12x24 Acrylic/ Mixed Media with resin finish $800 original Limited Edition available.

Piano Man

Piano Man Acrylic/ Mixed Media 30x40 $1800

Joy of Music

Joy of Music Acrylic/ Mixed Media 25x30 $1200 original Limited Edition available at various sizes. ($300-800)

The Night at the Symphony LR

The Night at the Symphony SOLD Limited Editions available at various sizes)

Three Violins PD

Three Violins Fluid Acrylic/ Mixed Media 27x33 $1000 original


For Guitar Lovers SOLD Reproduction available at various sizes

Next Life as a Violinist

Next Life as a Violinist Fluid Acrylic/ Mixed Media 24x30 $1000 original

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