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Growing up in Korea, art was my first love, and my dream was to become an artist. Unexpected circumstances led me to move to the U.S. at age 16.  Without speaking any English and with no one to rely on, I felt I needed to find a different career that offered security to support myself and help others.  I decided to become a physician, although it felt like an impossible dream.  After many grueling years, while learning English and supporting myself, I received my M.D. and residency training from Yale. I have had a very successful and fulfilling career as a physician.  But I never gave up on my passion for art, and I studied it whenever I could while practicing medicine and raising two children.  


For the past 10 years, I've had an amazing career as a physician-artist. I've had numerous exhibits and received much recognition. I showed my artwork in the International Exhibits in New York, Miami, Madrid, Brussels, etc and I recently did my second show in Paris. I ship to buyers worldwide. 


As a physician, I witness a lot of human suffering, and my goal is to lessen the physical suffering. My mission as an artist is to bring Beauty, Joy, and Healing amidst the darkness in the world. My colors are bold, vibrant, and beautiful. It was with great honor, I recently gave a TEDx talk on "4 Keys to Achieving Your Dream." and shared my journey as a physician-artist.

Physician, Artist &
TEDx speaker

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Media Coverage: 

  • Speaker at TEDxUofW, April 22, 2023

  • Article on ShoutoutLA, March 2023.

  • "Art as Medicine" on The StressFreeMD podcast, March 2023. 

  • "What's possible when you aren't afraid of failure" podcast with Chelsea Turgeon, MD.  Dec 2022.

  • TV appearance on KOLR10, "Meet the Artist", Sept 15, 2022

  • Live Streaming interview with Diana Londono, MD, September 12, 2022

  • Voices of Women Physicians podcast interview with Dr. Reznik Tatyana, 2022

  • "Build a dream: Susie Sharpe's Journey to becoming a doctor and artist" Article in Springfield Daily Citizens.  March 2022

  • Podcast interview with Dr. Erika, Nov 2021

  • "Passion with Dr. Susie", Doctor's Podcast Network, Erin Weisman, DO

  • "Live to the fullest", podcast with Kimberly Henrie

  • "Beyond Medicine: Living a Vibrant Life through Art & Medicine", July 2-21

  • AIREM interview with Eunice Park, MD  Aug 2021

  • Dare to Dream Physicians podcast interview with Weili Gray, MD, July 2021

  • Podcast interview with Hisla Bates, MD June, 2021

  • 417 Magazine, June 2021

  • WomanScape, June 2021"The Impossible Dream"

  • Live Stream Interview with Elsie Koh, MD May 2021

  • Podcast interview with Chris Loo, MD/ PhD May 2021

  • Physician Outlook Magazine, May 2021

  • "Be willing to assimilate" Thrive Global, February  2021

  • "I am living proof of an American Dream" Authority Magazine, Feb 2021



"Your pieces are absolutely divine!   Shalice M.

"Your work is out of this world!"    Yogini P.

"I received your ocean paintings today.  They are stunning!"   Susan R.
"It's here! I opened the package and your painting took my breath away.  Wow!  In person, it brought tears to my eyes.  Your art is beautiful."   Megan J
"Absolutely beautiful!  Your painting invites a feeling of peace and hope"    Roclo R.
"Your art brings joy to my day!"   Judith B.
"Your paintings are unbelievable!"   Shari T.

"What I especially love about your paintings is the joy they represent."  Boni L.
"Oh my gosh, this is amazing!  So inspiring!" Boni L.
"Your artwork is just brilliant simply brilliant!" Artxhj

"Keep making the world a better and more beautiful place!" Bruce T.

 These are some of the words my buyers use to describe my art:
Amazing!”, “Healing!”, “Absolutely beautiful!”, “Stunning!”, “Brings joy”, “Love your work!”, “Vibrant!”, “Passionate!”, “So colorful!”, “Brightens my day!”

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